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You have questions? We have answers!

1. Does this product take electricity?
No this product starts up by using the water that is already in your well system.

2. How much water does this product use?
It actually uses no water, but it recycles the water through the Sulfur Eliminator and back into your well. The patent venting system releases the gases into the air. It recycles about a bath tub full of water a day.

3. Will it cure my hot water smell?
Yes the sulfur gases are in your cold water also. But the hot water heater magnifies the smell. The smell is coming from your well it is NOT a water heater problem.

4. Will this product work on any depth well?
Yes deeper wells 400+ will take around the 48 hour period to rid well of the smell.

5. Will it fit or how big is the product?

Product will fit under any well cover.

6. Will it freeze?
No not only will sulfur eliminator not freeze it will keep your well from freezing also.

7. I do not have spigot?

Even though a spigot is now code for well head. Some older wells do not have spigots. It can be installed on any spigot on the well system. It can be connected to the spigot at the well or the spigot at the house.

8. Well it get rid of my other well water problems like for example. You may have red/black staining or a bad taste.

Yes the Sulfur Eliminator Deluxe was designed to not only get rid of the sulfur gases but to also free your well of the black/reddish iron.

9. The most common question “I can’t believe this product will work for only $598.00?” When I have spent thousands in the past with no results.
Well believe it. That is why we are offering to send you the Sulfur Eliminator free. You paid for it after the rotten egg smell is gone.

10. How long does it take for my smell to be gone?

It will only take 24 to 48 hours. Depending on depth of well.

11. How is the product installed?
This is an A B product. Take the A end screw onto spigot, then take the B end and drop through the vent hole that is on the well seal. Then turn on spigot and you are finished.

Recycles less than a shower full of water a day. It recycles a gallon of water per hour. Other systems back wash over 50 to 100 gallons of water per day. This system WILL NOT make your pump run.